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Ticket Printing


Whether you're running a massive one off event, or you've got a regular event that needs ticketing, we can help with our no-fuss security tickets. We offer single colour printed tickets, on a variety of paper colours, and with a range of security options (from watermarks as standard, to foil strips or holograms); they're printed in books of 50, so it's easy to keep a track of how many have been sold, and we can provide either two or three part tickets depending on your requirements.

At Pulse Print we have experience of working with a huge range of event promotors, and we know that the last thing you want to be worrying about when you've got a large-scale event on your hands is a minor detail like the tickets. That's why we've made it as simple as we can for you to get simple, no-nonsense tickets through us. They may not be fancy, but they get the job done. To make it even easier we've created a ticket template which you can use to ensure that you get you design made up to the right size - drop an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to get hold of the template.

Tickets are printed with black text onto our coloured UV watermarked tickets. Colours available are: Blue, Purple, Silver, Gold, Green, and Red.
Tickets are also available in either 2-Parts (single perforation) or 3-Parts (double perforation).
We also include the option to increase the security level of your tickets by adding either a foil strip or a hologram to your design.
Please get in touch for a template to use for your artwork to ensure you get your design to the correct size.
Available in quantities of 250 and up. Tickets come in books of 50.
Double sided tickets also available.

Single Side Tickets / Prices

SIZE / STYLE 250 500 1,000 2,000
Standard Tickets £63 £67 £75 £132
Tickets w/ Foil Strip £83 £88 £94 £170
Tickets w/ Hologram £88 £93 £100 £182
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