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How to Order with Pulse Print

Ordering your printing & design with Pulse Print couldn’t be simpler. And we’ll prove it with our handy, one minute guide to ordering.

Option one: Keep it automated.

If you’re looking to order outside office hours, or you’re just in a rush to get things done, why not use our automated system? Have a browse around our product pages – we’ve got a comprehensive list of our most popular products, along with prices for the most commonly ordered styles and quantities. Once you’ve decided what you’d like, just click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to be taken through to our secure online payment area (powered by Paypal) and fill in the short form. Once you’ve completed payment we’ll redirect you to our artwork upload page, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Our repro team will check over your artwork as soon as possible (we make sure that all uploaded artwork is checked within 24 hours of upload) and let you know if there are any problems that might disrupt the print process. You can avoid problems by making sure that your artwork conforms to our guidelines before you send it to us. We’ll get your order onto the first available print run and let you know when you can expect delivery

Option two: Get in touch!

At Pulse Print we love to help our customers, and we know that there are a million reasons why you might need to talk to a human being, rather than using an automated ordering process. You can get in touch with us via the contacts page, by calling 0800 046 7670 or by using our Live Chat function. However you get in touch, we guarantee you’ll be dealing with a real live human being when you contact us.

Whether you need us to sort out your artwork, or you’re looking to order something that’s not on the menu, just get in touch and let us help you out.

Things to remember

  • Our print runs go off at 10.30am each day. In order to get on the print run for that day you’ll need to have sorted everything out on your order by then, otherwise we’ll have to get it onto the next day’s run. We do try to help out where we can, but it costs an awful lot to hold up a print run once it’s begun, and the longer we hold a run, the more chance that it’ll have an impact on our other customers. So please help us to help all our clients by making sure that everything’s cleared on time.
  • Before we commit anything to print we’ll need to have received your approval of the artwork and payment for the print and (where applicable) design. We can extend credit to a limited number of clients in special circumstances, but please be aware that you’ll have to make arrangements with one of our Account Managers before we can offer you credit.
  • If you’re ordering design as well as printing please do factor the time required to do your design work when placing your order. We’re good, but we’re not good enough to do a two hour design job in twenty minutes!
  • Our turnaround times on our most popular products are listed on the appropriate product pages. In many cases we can offer an express service, which takes a working day off the delivery time, for a small fee. Please get in touch to find out if we can offer you this service.
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