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Pulse Print Management Services - Click Here to Find out More About Us

Pulse Print is an independently owned Oxford based print management company, specialising in both digital printing and lithographic printing. We offer a full range of print production management services – from design through to distribution. What’s more, our print managers are highly knowledgeable specialists both in printing and in their chosen industries.

As a print management company, Pulse Print is able to handle any printing requirement, from business cards and flyers right through to stationary and printed clothing. We are quite literally a one-stop print shop - it doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a multi-million pound company, everyone can benefit from the expertise offered by a good print management company. In fact, print managers can save you time and significant amounts of money all whilst vastly improving the quality of printing that you receive.

How does Print Management Work?

Print Management companies are essentially print brokers. That is they form a vital link between a customer and a huge network of print companies. It is the knowledge and leverage afforded to print managers by this intermediary position that is integral to the high quality and low cost of print that they can offer to their customers.

Since each piece of print machinery is extremely expensive (£1 million - £10million) it is impossible for any single printing company to specialise in more than a small range of products, quantities and even types of printing. Due to the competitive nature of the printing industry, however, print companies often accept jobs for which their machinery is not most suitable. This results in poor quality printing, often turned around at a premium price.

It is the daily job of print managers not only to ensure that the jobs commissioned by their clients reach the most suitable printers for the job but also to coordinate multiple, extensive jobs, often requiring a huge variety of different print finishes across an extended network of carefully selected printers. What’s more, since print management companies act on behalf of a number of clients the quantity of printing that they commission from these commercial printers on a daily basis is enormous. Not only does this afford them access to high spec industrial print presses that would be otherwise inaccessible to their clients but, considering the volume of print ordered by print management companies it is hardly surprising that they, in turn, receive significant discounts from the printers. In this way, print managers and print management companies can ensure that their clients receive only the highest quality print products at the cheapest print prices from the most prestigious printers across the country.

To conclude, whilst using print management services might seem a daunting prospect it is without a doubt true that both individuals and large companies stand to save significant quantities of time and money by leveraging the experience and combined turnover of print managers and the print management companies on behalf of whom they operate.

Can Print Management Really Save me Money?

Clients who are new to print management are often suspicious of handing their printing over to a print management company since they assume that engaging the services of print managers will be a costly endeavour. Surprisingly, however, print managers are rarely, if ever, more expensive than going directly to a printer. In fact, Pulse Print offers a price guarantee assuring our customers that we will beat any existing or new print quote they can find.

How is this possible? Surely Print Management Companies have to make money somewhere? There are three answers to this question. Firstly, we know pretty much every printer in the UK and so you can be sure that when you hand your flyer or other printing job over to our print managers that they will be sending it to the most specialised printer in the country. We make sure that each printer that processes our jobs is using state of the art machinery most suited to each print job’s requirements. This means that the printers selected by our print managers are able to offer a significantly reduced cost on the specific print job compared to less well-equipped competitors. For an individual to perform the same research on printers throughout the UK would take weeks, if not months. This means that by leveraging the combined experience of all of our print managers you’re not only saving money but time too.

Secondly, Print Management companies put through millions of pounds worth of print each year. This gives print managers a significant advantage over individual clients. The enormous volume of printing commissioned by print management companies ensures that we receive a hefty discount (sometimes by over 90%) on even the cheapest prices commercially offered by printers. Even with a small print management charge on top our clients save significantly as compared to the prices that they would receive even if they went directly to the same printers as print managers. Finally, since print managers commission such an enormous quantity of printing they are able to trade directly with a select group of the largest and most highly specced printers throughout the UK. These printers are often operating machinery that costs in excess of £10 million and are able to produce printed products at minimal cost. Due to the high costs of even starting up these giant printing presses these industrial printing companies only open their doors to the very biggest procurers of printing. Clients of print managers are, in this way, part of a select group of companies that are able, through the combined services of print management companies, to gain access to the phenomenally cheap prices afforded by industrial scale printing.

Given the above reasons it is easy to see why engaging the services of a print management company is a no brainer for individuals and companies of any size with any print requirements. The combined experience and purchasing power of a firm of print brokers allows you to essentially employ your very own, in-house printing guru for free. Print management can save you time, money and improve the quality of your printing.

Printers in Oxford

Pulse Print is an independently owned print brokerage that with its main printing offices in the world-renowned city of Oxford. As a centre for learning and the printing of manuscripts and books, printers in Oxford have a long and auspicious history. Indeed Oxford Printers were among the first to pioneer many advances in digital printing and lithographic printing. The supportive environment that has fostered a keen interest of printing in Oxford is thanks in no small part to the prestigious Oxford University - Pulse Print is proud to be among the few printers in Oxford to count many of the colleges of Oxford University among its clients.

Despite its origins among printers in Oxford, Pulse Print offers print management services to companies and individuals based throughout the United Kingdom. Further, clients should note that our Oxford printing premises are strictly commercial. Appointments should be made in advance by contacting our Oxford print headquarters. We further regret that we are unable to offer a thesis binding service to students seeking a printing service in Oxford. For clients seeking small and urgent print runs or thesis or dissertation binding services in Oxford, please contact our office where we will be happy to recommend a number of printers in Oxford who will be able to accommodate your requirements.

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